Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Outrigger Canoe

An outrigger canoe is known as featuring a unique style which includes one or more lateral support float devices which are known as riggers. The outrigger shows a greater form of stability than other canoes and is seaworthy where other canoes often fall short in this category. The smaller outrigger canoes often only have one single outrigger on the port side, whereas larger canoes have the double outrigger usage.

The first outrigger canoes were of a rough design and the concept quickly caught on because they were considered easier to handle in somewhat harsh waters as well as seaworthy. Outrigger canoes in today's society have come a long way in design. Although the main concept is completely the same there are virtually many different types of outrigger canoes that can be found.

Some outrigger canoes of today are designed for racing in ocean waters and high waves, while others are based on a simpler design which doesn't involve more than one rigger to the side. The differences in outriggers themselves have changed as well. Some of the outriggers are made of foam or poly foam combinations, while other outriggers are made of a heavier material.

The basic idea for the outrigger canoe is to not only offer durability in harsh waters but also to give a form of better and meaningful balance to the main portion of the canoe. The outrigger canoe can almost be compared to a body with arms; the body is stable as long as the arms remain out. This is the same concept for the outrigger canoe.

However, when it comes to racing outrigger canoes, there is basically the one outrigger, and many of those racing with these types of canoes have trained to virtually raise or lean the canoe to the side that does not have the outrigger for quick maneuvers and turning capabilities.

Watching outrigger canoes race is an experience and the sport is becoming increasingly popular as more improvements are being designed and detailed into newer versions of outrigger canoes. Although, if it is to be used for personal use, the outrigger canoe is perfect for those waters that a basic style of canoe would not be able to go. In fact, some types of outrigger canoes today are designed to have netting between the outrigger and the actual canoe, for storage of fish, floats, nets, and many other items.